Training of In-house Patent and Trade Mark Professionals

In-house patent and trade mark professionals obviously require the qualifications necessary for being able to perform their IP tasks efficiently.

It very risky and not an acceptable situation for a company to have employees who merely serve as messengers for the communication between the company and external IP counsel. 

In the area of IP, it is necessary to have at least one technically qualified IP professional who is capable of thinking in IP terms, who can identify innovative ideas of the R&D employees and who can safeguard the best possible protection for the company, either by himself or with the help of external counsel.

The core business is claim drafting. Alternatively, the in-house employee must be able to communicate with external counsel on the same level. This is true for the presentation of new inventions, but also for discussing the draft patent applications prepared by the external counsel.

Such skills of in-house IP employees require thorough training.

On the basis of our wide experience, we are able to advise clients on all the above matters.