IP Strategy

A professional IP strategy is based on three pillars:

1. Portfolio strategy
    • Which IP rights does a company need?
    • How can the portfolio of IP rights be created (own innovation, acquisition, licensing) and maintained?
    • National or multinational? Quality (Impact on competition), quantity, costs
2. Defence strategy
    • Which third party rights (in particular those owned by competitors) are a threat to the present and future business policy of a company?
    • How can such threatening IP rights be identified in time?
    • How does the company react to those IP rights?
3. Exploitation strategy
    • How does the company use its own IP rights?
    • Enforcement of own IP rights (extra-judicial, judicial) against which competitors, in which countries?
    • Which reactions does a company face when enforcing its own rights?
    • Exploitation in own products, in which countries?
    • Granting of exclusive or non-exclusive licences?
    • Cross-licensing, co-operation with third parties?
    • Own IP rights = assets, sale?
    • How does the company avoid infringing third party IP rights?
    • How can customers be protected from attacks by third parties based on their IP rights?
Our office is very experienced in preparing tailor-made concepts for companies and in accompanying the implementation of your IP strategy.