Advice for Companies on the In-house Organisation of IP

The aim of any in-house organisation of IP is the best position of the company in the market.

The IP organisation of a company depends on a plurality of factors, inter alia

    • The structure of the company, e.g. own R&D activity, production and/or distribution of products;
    • The size of a company and associated companies;
    • The customer structure in various countries;
    • The competitor situation in various markets;
    • The decision of a company for a strong or other position in the field of IP.
A central topic is the decision whether external counsel are to be used in addition to in-house IP professionals. In this context, the following questions have to be considered:
    • The qualification, the tasks and the number of in-house IP employees;
    • The interface between in-house IP employees and external counsel,
    • The organisation and position of the in-house IP employees within the company (e.g. direct or indirect reporting to management level) and internal corporate processes between the management and/or other company divisions on the one hand and the in-house IP employees on the other hand.
Primarily, one has to take decisions about:
    • How and to what extent the management is to be informed about own IP activities and relevant third-party IP activities, and
    • How the management of the company controls the day-to-day IP business.
On the basis of our wide experience, we are able to advise clients on all the above matters.